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SweatWise™ Sweat Catchers protect you, your hats/caps and clothing from perspiration wetness and stains.

My ball caps became my Sweat Catchers. They quickly became stained and I spent considerable dollars replacing them. I got tired of it and invented SweatWise Sweat Catchers to save my hats. But I found it also stopped my sweat from dripping down my face and onto my glasses. I like added benefits!

While we plan on future additional product lines our very first line of sweat catching products are Hat and Head Liners.
Hat Liners
are placed between your hat/cap and your head absorbing and holding your head sweat preventing your hat from becoming stained as well as from obsuring your vision. They are washable, reusable and transferable from hat to hat.
Head Liners
are decorative absorbant headbands. (Very different from the 80s terrycloth Headbands.)

Use them at Work, at Play or as a Spectator.

STOP ruining your hats.
SEE your goal/objective clearly.
Sweat Responsibly.

SweatWise Hat and Head Liners are very close to becomming available to the public. Email info@sweatwise.com to be notified when they are available for purchase.

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